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Football Bowl - Adult Size Sublimation Transfer

Football Bowl - Adult Size Sublimation Transfer

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You are purchasing a printed sublimation transfer of the above design. You are not purchasing a finished shirt, mug, etc. You use this transfer to press onto a garment yourself.

All transfers are printed with a professional grade sublimation printer onto high-quality sublimation paper. This ensures that you are getting a transfer that is the best of quality.

*These are approximations and the actual size may vary slightly. Designs that have a square or circle shape will cause the image to be slightly smaller in order for it to fit on the page. If you would like to know the exact measurements, just send me a message.
*These sizes are only suggestions! You may choose a smaller/larger sized design depending on the look you prefer. I highly recommend measuring before you order so you can visualize exactly what the outcome will look like!

Basic Sublimation Rules:
-You need a garment that has a high polyester count. It is recommended to use 100% polyester shirts for the most vibrant colors, but I do not recommended using anything less than 65% polyester. The less polyester the shirt is, the more faded/vintage the design will turn out.
-You can only use light colored garments with sublimation. White is the absolute best option, but other light colors such as light gray, light pink, and light blue will work. No dark colors and definitely no black!
-Sublimation does not print white ink. Therefore, if you choose a garment that is other than white, whatever white pieces the design has will become the color of the garment. For example, if your design has white snowflakes, and you put the design onto a grey shirt, your snowflakes will be grey.
-You must use a heat press to press the design into the garment! Household irons will not work!
-Be aware that the colors will look faded on the transfer paper. This is normal! The colors do not become vibrant until pressed onto the garment.
**There is a learning curve for sublimation. If you are new to sublimation I highly recommend you do lots of research to understand the process. If you have never used sublimation transfers, I would also recommend buying an extra transfer or two just in case you mess up on your first try. This is merely a suggestion.

1. Set heat press temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Set timer to 50-60 seconds.
3. Set Pressure at light to medium.
4. Put parchment or butcher paper inside the garment to ensure the ink does not bleed through the shirt to the back. Do not reuse this same paper, discard after one use.
5. Place transfer face down onto garment.

6. Cover with non stick sheet.
7. Press at 400 degrees F for 50-60 seconds with light to medium pressure.
8. Remove paper immediately and peel hot.
*Please note all heat presses are slightly different so you may need to do a couple of tests to see what time, temperature, and pressure works best for you.

Due to the nature of the product, we do not except any refunds or exchanges!

Shipping & Returns

TAT is 5 business days for screen orders and 7 business days for orders that contain DTF prints or customs. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

All sales are final, there are no returns. Please see more policy info in the polcy pages.


  • Adult heat transfers are approx. 11-12" on the longest side.
  • Youth heat transfers are approx. 9-10" on the longest side.
  • Pocket heat transfers are approx. 4" on the longest side.
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