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Springy Mama (round) - UVDTF Mug/Cup Transfer

Springy Mama (round) - UVDTF Mug/Cup Transfer

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UV DTF Sticker Transfers are ready to press and apply without heat.

Just a simple apply, smooth out, and peel film. Although these are not dishwasher safe, with a simple hand wash these permanent, waterproof, glossy finish transfers will last as long as your libby can or unbranded does.

Keep in mind these will work on any hard, smooth glass or metal surface, clear and glossy finishes work best. Frosted glass will work but the transfer will not last as long. 

You will ONLY receive (1) UV DTF transfer. No cup is included. 

How to apply:

Make sure glass is clean from any oils
Peel design film from white backing.
Lay the design film down on the glass cup.
Squeegee the film working from the center outwards, pushing out any bubbles.
Rub, the more rubbing the better.
Peel clear film

Please be aware before purchasing:

*Please note that not all mug/cup transfers are the same size. The differ depending on the design & shape of the design. Approx size is 3 to 3.5”.

Due to the nature of our UV DTF transfers, all sales are final, and refunds or exchanges are not provided. 

We are not responsible for transfers that are pressed incorrectly. Please make sure you are following pressing instructions, We do not provide refunds/exchanges due to user error.

Colors may vary by different monitor devices and settings.

Shipping & Returns

TAT is 5 business days for screen orders and 7 business days for orders that contain DTF prints or customs. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.

All sales are final, there are no returns. Please see more policy info in the polcy pages.


  • Adult heat transfers are approx. 11-12" on the longest side.
  • Youth heat transfers are approx. 9-10" on the longest side.
  • Pocket heat transfers are approx. 4" on the longest side.
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