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Custom UVDTF Gang Sheet

Custom UVDTF Gang Sheet

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Build your own Gang Sheet

This high-quality printing solution guarantees vibrant and eye-catching colors that are sure to impress. The best part? No heat is needed during the application process, making it a hassle-free and efficient option. Our UVDTF is not only permanent and waterproof, but it is also incredibly easy to apply. Whether you're looking to start your own business or simply add a unique touch to your existing products, our UVDTF is perfect for you.

** Your designs must have high resolution (300dpi) and must be 100% transparent PNG file.  If you do not have a graphic with a 100% transparent background, your image will not be printed **

  • Select your sheet size. 
  • You may use your own PNG files (if they meet the requirements listed above) to build your gang sheet OR you may choose from any of my designs in the builder image gallery. Images will be shown with a watermark but will not be printed with the watermark. This is done to protect the design from theft. Yes, art theft is a real thing. 
  • Size and arrange your graphics however you see fit on your sheet. Make sure to follow the guides so that your graphics are not overlapping. If they are, they will be printed that way. 
  • Changes are not made to your images or sheet that you submit. It will be printed EXACTLY as it is when you submit it for order. Please know that orders will not be reprinted due to your design error when building your gang sheet.

Here is a video tutorial if you need further assistance or you may reach out to me for help! --> 

Typically, UVDTF's are either cup/mug size (approx. 3-3.5" on longest side) or cup wrap size (sizes vary depending on cup used). Be sure your sized of graphics on your sheet meet YOUR size needs. 


  • Clean you glass cup (do not use rubbing alcohol).
  • Flip the transfer over and scrape it to ensure the design transfers to the clear film correctly.
  • Place the transfer on the cup ensuring design is straight and positioned correctly. Please remember the adhesive is extremely strong. One the transfer sticks its almost impossible to remove.
  • Peel design transfer off of backing starting from the corner
  • Press the transfer down, working from the center outwards, pushing out any bubbles.
  • Once design is placed, use a squeegee over the entire design to push any air bubbles out.
  • Rub the entire design a few times to ensure everything adhered correctly.
  • Slowly peel the clear film off and you’re done!

Due to the nature of the product, we do not allow returns or exchanges. If there is an issue with your order, please contact us!

We are not responsible for application mishaps. Make sure you are following pressing instructions.


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